Weller, 6 Month Sitter Session | Leland NC Baby Photographer

Oh my goodness, this little guy was such a sweetheart (and look at those eyes!)! Weller came in for a milestone/sitter session at 6 months. He is ridiculously cute and has the sweetest personality as well! Apparently, he had been going through a phase which was ALL ABOUT his tongue and we caught some great shots of him being silly. 

I always encourage parents to bring in any items of personal significance to include in their session. Mom brought a teddy bear which was made from a shirt she gave her dad who has passed away. I know these images of Weller playing with this bear will be so meaningful as he grows older.

I enjoyed my time with this little man and his mama so much. Weller was just a ton of fun and I'm so glad I could capture this special age for his parents!

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