Hi, I'm Jennifer! Allow me to introduce myself:

  • I specialize in creating those adorable sleepy images of sweet newborns (baby snuggles are the best!). I’ve spent years posing and wrapping babies and many clients refer to me as a “baby whisperer", which always makes me smile. I’m also a legal, insured business, which means I take the safety of your baby very seriously and I also contribute to our wonderful community.

  • When I go shopping, I sometimes think to myself, “Can I put a baby in that?!” The struggle is real.

  • Aside from the babies, my other specialty is photographing families vacationing here in coastal southeastern NC. I love meeting families visiting from all over the country, especially the extended families who don't always see each other often!

  • When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me spending time with my husband and our three children. My hobbies include stepping on toy dinosaurs and eating chocolate while hiding from my kiddos.

  • Okay, for real- I do enjoy all the chocolate, running, and watching my shows while editing (any other Grey’s fans?!)

  • My husband and I met in preschool and we were high school sweethearts. Nothing like being together a million years and STILL finding new ways to annoy each other, ha!

  • I truly love getting to know each of YOU and watching your families grow and change throughout the years.