Charlie- One year old session

One of my loveliest friends, Beth, has a niece who was born the same day as my son, just one year later. After hearing Beth gush about baby Charlie, I knew I had to meet this little girl! Beth asked me to do some photos for Charlie's first birthday and I happily obliged. Charlie's mom, Lydia, by the way, is also such a sweetheart (must run in the family!). We met at a nearby park and Charlie toddled around examining her surroundings and being genuinely adorable. This age is one of my favorites because they are so curious and fun! I love chasing these babies around, hoping to preserve a few moments of childhood innocence and wonder.

After a quick outfit change, we moved to a different area of the park. Charlie loved walking around and checking out the water underneath us. We also got some shots of Charlie with her mommy. I love capturing mamas with their little ones, because I know many times, we're behind the camera! It's so important to catch some mommy and baby moments, especially because they grow so fast. I'm very honored to be able to provide Lydia with these images to remember beautiful one year old Charlie! 

one year old session
toddler photography
baby girl
one year old session
toddler and mommy
mommy and me photography
baby girl and mama
baby kisses