My absolute favorite niche of photography is newborn portraits. I love, love, love them! There's always been a special place in my heart for babies (I've had three!) and the newest, squishy, sleepy ones are the best. I can't get enough of their precious faces, sweet tiny features, and snuggles! Plus, I find it incredibly rewarding to meet and connect with new parents. Because I know these early days can be exhausting and hectic, my goal is to create a relaxing experience for parents. I have designed a system which brings a portable professional studio to your home. Full sessions typically last about 2-3 hours, which makes being in your own home so convenient. You’re able to stay close and watch, comfortably feed your baby, or catch up on a book or a show during our time together. My newborn sessions include both posed portraits of baby alone and also lifestyle-type images of baby with parents and siblings, typically captured in a nursery or bedroom setting.

I am a Certified Professional Newborn Photographer through APNPI (Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International), a wonderful organization dedicated to the art, business, and education of newborn photography. Furthermore, safety is my number one priority while photographing and handling your baby. As such, I've also been safety certified through APNPI. You can find more information on APNPI here.

I have tons of props available and I always love to hear about special requests! Your session is custom-tailored to your family, so we can include any items of significance, themes, or colors you'd like. To secure your estimated due date (we'll pencil you in and schedule a specific date once baby is born), a $100 deposit is required. 

Click here to learn more about the process and investment.

 baby girl poses on pink background wearing pink and white bow
 baby girl sleeps in blue fur while wearing lace pants and headband
 newborn girl sleeps on side of bucket wrapped in gray in Wilmington nc
 Wilmington nc newborn photographer captures baby boy wearing blue pants and sleepy hat sleeping on belly
 newborn girl sleeps while wearing gold and lace bow during Wilmington newborn session
 newborn girl looks up at mom while being rocked in nursery chair during Wilmington newborn photography session
 newborn boy sleeps on blue bumpy blanket wearing navy bonnet and wrap
 Baby girl wrapped in blue on fur during Leland nc newborn session
 baby girl in blue bonnet during Wilmington nc newborn photography session
 parents cradling newborn in family portrait session Wilmington nc
 newborn girl wearing floral romper sleeps with legs tucked over tummy during Wilmington newborn session
 baby boy sleeps on belly on gray background with hand under cheek
 baby girl wrapped in pink and polka dots during Wilmington newborn photography session
 mother holds newborn baby during photography session in Wilmington nc
 Baby boy snuggled up during newborn session in Wilmington nc
 newborn boy in blue bucket using neutral and earthy tones
 mom holds baby in Wilmington nc nursery while dad kisses baby’s head
 Wilmington nc newborn photographer captures baby girl wrapped in floral fabric wearing peach bonnet
 black and white image of baby wearing sleepy cap captured by Wilmington newborn photographer
 parents and two big sisters gaze lovingly at newborn baby girl while sitting on white bed
wilmington nc newborn photographer
 newborn boy sleeps surrounded by neutral colors during Wilmington nc newborn photography session
 wide eyed baby girl in floral and pink fluff by Wilmington nc newborn photographer
 dad kisses newborn daughter surrounded by shades of blue
 big sister with newborn baby on cream fur during Wilmington nc photography session
 newborn baby girl in floral wrap with bow on pink fluff
 newborn baby boy wrapped in blue in Wilmington nc
 newborn girl with lots of hair sleeping on purple fabric during Wilmington nc newborn session
 Wilmington newborn photographer captures newborn girl sleeping in crate
 newborn girl sleeps on blue fluff surrounded by a rainbow of colored hearts
 macro shot of newborn fingers during Wilmington nc newborn photography session
 parents looking lovingly at baby girl on couch in living room during newborn photography session
 baby girl sleeps while wrapped in fall colors during Wilmington nc newborn session
 newborn boy all tucked in wearing sleepy hat surrounded by blue tones
 newborn boy sleeps on white fabric during photography session in Wilmington nc